Karolína Lahučká

Mgr. Karolína Lahučká graduated in Political Science and Turkology with special focus on international relations at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Currently she is completing her doctoral studies in the program of History and Culture of Asian and African countries, in which she specializes in the modern history of Turkey, especially the politics of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Her professional focus is on Turkey’s current domestic, foreign and security policy and the transformation of Turkish national identity. In 2019, she completed a research stay at the Asien-Afrika Institute of the University of Hamburg. Outside the university, she works as an analyst at the Research Center of the Association for International Affairs (AMO) and collaborates with Czech media and state institutions on analyses of Turkish political events and Turkish foreign policy. At the Department of Middle Eastern studies, she teaches courses on the history of the Republic of Turkey and the internal and foreign Turkish policy.

Contact information: karolina.lahucka@ff.cuni.cz

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