Tereza Jermanová

Tereza Jermanová, PhD is Assistant Professor at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, where she researches and teaches contemporary Middle East and North African politics and oversees the BA Middle Eastern Studies Programme. Her research is located in the field of comparative politics and revolves around themes of democratization, constitution-making, and politics in Tunisia and Egypt. She is currently working on a book titled Coming Together and Falling Apart: Constitution-making and Democratization in Tunisia and Egypt, which explores whether and how the design of the constitution-making process – and in particular the form and level of inclusion of political parties across the political spectrum – affects an agreement on the constitution by political adversaries. The research, including multiple rounds of fieldwork conducted in Egypt and Tunisia between 2013 and 2020, was supported, among others, by the Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund grant, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the American Political Science Association, and the Chancellor’s Scholarship of the University of Warwick. Some of its findings appeared in major political science outlets such as the Political Research Quarterly. Dr. Jermanová earned her PhD in Comparative Politics at the University of Warwick in 2019 and holds MA in North African Politics from the University of Exeter. She is at the moment also affiliated with the Peace Research Center Prague and serves as Research Fellow at Prague-based think tank the Association for International Affairs.

Contact information: tereza.jermanova@ff.cuni.cz

Research interests

  • Democratization
  • Constitution-making
  • Democracy and authoritarianism
  • 2010-11 Arab uprisings
  • Politics in Tunisia and Egypt
  • Qualitative research methods (process tracing and field research methods)


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