Olga Sixtová

Olga Sixtová, PhD is a researcher at the Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Olga Sixtová specializes in Jewish literary culture of the early modern period, particularly in the history of Hebrew printing in Prague. She pursued this topic in her dissertation where she treated the social context of printed production in Hebrew Scriptures in the period between 1512 and 1669/1672. Currently, she is working on the project “Pinkas as a Source for the Study of the Government and Internal Politics of the Jewish Communities in Bohemia (17th and 18th Centuries)” (GaČr, 2017-2019). Since 2015, she has a seminar on Hebrew palaeography where she cooperates with the students on preparation of teaching materials for reading Hebrew manuscripts, primarily from the Bohemian provenience of the early modern period.

Contact information: olga.sixtova@ff.cuni.cz

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