Qualifications of the individual department’s staff members may be found in their personal profiles. The department’s staff participates in organizing of a range of scientific and institutional projects:

GAČR (Czech Science Foundation) – Pinkas as a Source for the Study of the Government and Internal Politics of the Jewish Communities in Bohemia in the 17th and 18th Centuries (Doc. Sládek, Dr Sixtová)

KREAS – Creativity and Adaptability as Conditions for the success of Europe in an Interrelated World (Dr Akcasu, Doc. Malečková, Mgr. Koláček, Doc. Sládek, Dr. Ťupek, Dr. Milan Žonca)

PROGRES – Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages (Doc. Boušek, Doc. Sládek, Dr Žonca)

PROGRES – Meeting Place: Strategic Regions among Europe, North Africa, and Asia (Doc. Ondráš, Doc. Malečková, Doc. Sládek, Dr Ťupek, Dr. Zeleneka)

UNCE – University Centre for the Study of Ancient and Medieval Thought (Dr Žonca)

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