Tereza Jermanová

Tereza Jermanová, M.A. is Assistant Professor at the Department of Near Eastern and African Studies. Her research lies at the intersection between the study of politics of the Middle East and North Africa and comparative politics. In her thesis, she has explored the role of the design of constitution-making processes during democratization through a comparative analysis of Egypt and Tunisia after the 2010/11 uprisings. Her doctoral studies at the Department of Politics and International Studies of University of Warwick and field research were supported by the Chancellor’s Scholarship of the University of Warwick, the Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund grant, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the American Political Science Association.


Research interests

  • Democratization
  • Politics of constitution-making
  • Arab uprisings
  • Political situation in Egypt and Tunisia
  • Qualitative research methods (process tracing and field research methods)
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